2023/05/06 Elmwood Gala2023/04/09 April Social Media Content for Beau's2023/03/05 March Social Media Content for Beau's2023/02/01 Made Event at the Prime Time Conference for Canada Media Fund2023/01/11 Portraits of Georges Farah2023/01/06 January Social Media Content for Beau's2022/12/04 December Social Media Content for Beau's2022/11/30 Best of the Best Event for Scotiabank2022/11/20 Oktoberfest Mug for Beau's2022/11/06 Stittsville on Patrol Season 3 Poster for Bell Media2022/10/31 Portraits of Nina Janvier2022/10/23 Angela Wilson's Family Photos2022/10/18 Lulu & Chris' Engagement Shoot2022/10/10 Amy Latimer-Cheung's Family Photos2022/09/28 Staff Portraits for Algonquin College Online2022/09/26 Ottawa Best Restaurants 2022 for Ottawa Magazine2022/09/08 Board of Directors Portraits for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2022/09/03 Neala & Simon's Wedding2022/09/02 Julie & Brodie's Wedding2022/08/27 Heather & Alex's Wedding2022/08/26 Rebecca & Tareq's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner2022/08/25 Staff Portraits for Cada Construction2022/08/20 Caresse & Roman's Wedding2022/08/19 Mélanie & Julien's Wedding2022/08/14 Alison & Chris' Wedding2022/08/13 Elysse & Seb's Wedding2022/08/12 Portraits for McElroy Law2022/07/31 Diana & Julien's Wedding2022/07/27 Victoria & Austin's Wedding2022/07/22 Claudia & Lucas' Wedding2022/07/09 Charlene & David's Wedding2022/07/07 Roya & Arcangelo's Engagement Shoot2022/07/01 Julia & Liam's Wedding2022/06/30 Joyce & Andrew's Wedding2022/06/28 Caresse & Roman's Engagement Shoot2022/06/26 Viviane & Nader's Wedding2022/06/25 Charlotte-Anne & Chris' Wedding2022/06/24 Portraits of Kyle O'Byrne2022/06/11 Kris & Jamie's Wedding2022/05/22 Ingrid & Mark's Wedding2022/05/21 Caroline & Sebastian's Wedding2022/05/20 Dance Pieces at LABO2022/05/17 Courtney & Shaun's Engagement Shoot2022/04/27 Dance Pieces at Ottawa Dance Directive2022/04/22 Portraits of Sylvie Lafrenière2022/04/22 Kristy & Jack's Engagement Shoot2022/04/09 Angelina & Petr's Engagement Shoot2022/03/02 Portraits of Dmitri Tchebotarev2022/02/21 Portraits of Pamela Barton for First for Women Magazine2022/02/05 Ingrid & Mark's Engagement Shoot2022/​09/​08 Board of Directors Headshots for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2021/12/18 Michelle & Kyle's Wedding2021/12/01 Portraits of Roxane Lafrenière2021/11/06 Soft Opening of Trofi2021/10/25 Food Photos for Greek on Wheels2021/10/09 Mel & Mark's Wedding2021/10/03 Davina & Kiernan's Engagement Shoot2021/10/02 Elissa & Dylan's Wedding2021/09/25 Isinsu & Jacob's Wedding2021/09/13 Portraits for the Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation2021/08/14 Chelsea & Brad's Wedding2021/08/06 Erika & Cedrick's Surprise Engagement Shoot2021/08/03 Stittsville on Patrol Season 2 Poster for Bell Media2021/07/31 Maria & Evan's Wedding2021/07/29 Portraits of Derek Archibald2021/07/23 Team Portraits for Cada Construction2021/05/07 Hillel Lodge2021/04/16 Metal Roof Canada2021/04/07 Portraits of Lisa Scian for BambooHR2021/03/27 Elliot's 5th Birthday Party2021/03/18 Moving During the Pandemic Portraits & Interiors for Ottawa Magazine2021/03/16 Portraits of Phyllis Rippey2020/11/25 Moussa Family Photos2020/11/07 Stittsville on Patrol for Bell Media2020/10/17 Jasmine & James' Family Photos2020/10/10 Barbara & Vincent's Wedding2020/10/09 Anna & Bob & Robert Family Photos2020/10/04 Mel & Mark's Engagement Shoot2020/10/03 Elaine & Michael's Wedding2020/09/26 Anita & Faizul's Wedding2020/09/25 Midwinter Estate Photographs2020/09/19 Karine & Joseph's Wedding2020/09/12 Mary & Margaret's Wedding2020/08/28 Staff Portraits for Cada Construction2020/08/17 SoHo Italia Press Event2020/08/15 Yanko & Roza's Engagement Shoot2020/08/07 Flora Hall Brewing2020/06/15 Herb & Spice on Wellington2020/03/20 Portraits of Melanie Bechard for The Medical Post2020/02/17 Supreme Court Justice's Chambers2020/02/15 Hostland Family Portraits2020/02/10 Leadership Awards Event for 4-H Canada2020/02/09 Staff Portraits for 4-H Canada2020/01/30 Montreal's Top Employers Awards Reception for Mediacorp2020/01/29 National Capital Region's Top Employers Awards Reception for Mediacorp2019/12/03 Urban Barrel Company for Ottawa Magazine2019/11/16 Goodfellow Real Estate Event2019/10/30 Portraits of Jane Anido2019/10/25 Catherine & Donovan's Wedding2019/10/19 Kristen & Adam's Wedding2019/10/10 Montreal Plaza Event for Canada's 100 Best Restaurants Magazine2019/10/03 Vans Blacksmithing for Edible Ottawa2019/09/21 Hannah & Lukas' Wedding2019/09/16 Sea Buckthorn Berries for Edible Ottawa2019/09/15 Simone & Stephen's Wedding2019/09/14 Amelia & Scott's Wedding2019/09/11 The Soca Kitchen for Edible Ottawa2019/09/07 Kara & Andrew's Wedding2019/09/05 Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada Portraits2019/09/01 Zinat & Jos' Wedding2019/08/24 Nadine & Jonathan's Wedding2019/08/10 Jacquie & Derek's Wedding2019/08/03 Jacqueline & Robert's Wedding2019/08/02 Martha Tomlinson's Family Portraits2019/07/11 Melinda & Dan's Engagement Shoot2019/06/30 Michelle & Kyle's Engagement Shoot2019/06/29 Brittany & Christopher's Wedding2019/06/12 Riviera Event for Canada's 100 Best Restaurants Magazine2019/06/08 Mary's 70th Birthday Party2019/06/01 Michelle & David's Wedding2019/05/23 Logan Katz 25th Anniversary Event2019/05/22 Rick Hodder Day at the Ottawa Hospital2019/05/19 Heather & Will's Wedding2019/05/18 Ottawa Flower Market for Edible Ottawa2019/05/18 Cait & Erik's Wedding2019/05/16 Marie-France & Jean Marie's Wedding2019/05/07 Ottawa Magazine Best Restaurants Event2019/04/01 Butchering Workshop for Ottawa Magazine2019/03/21 Fairouz Restaurant for Edible Ottawa2019/03/16 Marena's 35th Birthday Party2019/03/12 Portraits of Ashley Benard-Legris2019/03/02 Mira & Matthew's Wedding2019/03/01 Portraits of Roman for Shopify2019/01/30 National Capital Region's Top Employers Event for Mediacorp2018/12/31 Christina & Jose-Antonio's Wedding2018/12/22 Hoda Elatawi's Family2018/12/05 Staff Headshots for Shopify2018/11/14 Round House for Ottawa Magazine2018/11/13 The Koven for Edible Ottawa Magazine2018/11/01 Hotel Le Germain Ottawa Event2018/10/29 YOUth in Office Event for Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada2018/10/24 Toqué Event for Canada's 100 Best Restaurants Magazine2018/10/22 Little Kickers at Ben Franklin Dome2018/10/20 Kid Food Nation Event for Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada2018/10/07 Signi & Trevor's Wedding2018/10/06 Joy & Mark's Wedding2018/10/04 AiR Distillerie for Ottawa Magazine2018/09/26 Atelier Event for Canada's 100 Best Restaurants Magazine2018/09/24 InYoung & Emmanuel's Wedding Portraits2018/09/22 Shelby & Mathieu's Wedding2018/09/15 Nicole & Carleigh's Wedding2018/09/14 Shelby & Mathieu's Engagement Shoot2018/09/08 Dayna & Julian's Wedding2018/09/07 Brittney & Danny's Wedding2018/09/06 Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada Portraits2018/09/01 Gurinder & Deepinder's Engagement Shoot2018/08/18 Andrea & Andrew's Wedding2018/08/16 Jacquie & Derek's Engagement Shoot2018/08/11 Marie-Laurence & Philip's Wedding2018/08/02 Portraits of Alli Boyce2018/07/31 Ocean Plastics Lab Launch Event2018/07/28 Azi & Mokhtar's Wedding2018/07/27 Portraits of Yvette Yende-Ashiri2018/07/20 Group Portraits for the Ukrainian Cheremosh Society2018/07/07 Emily & Jacob's Wedding2018/07/05 Heidi, Jonathan, Sari, and Hannah2018/06/26 Tavern on the Falls for Ottawa Magazine2018/06/26 Chris Ward for Ottawa Magazine2018/06/23 Bhuvana & Vikram's Wedding2018/06/21 Staff Portraits for Humanscale2018/06/21 Heather Lindsay for Ottawa Magazine2018/06/20 Graduation Portraits of Spencer Howe2018/06/19 Little Kickers Barrhaven2018/06/13 Stacy & Dante's Wedding2018/06/02 Nicole & Jason's Wedding2018/06/01 Unplug to Connect Event for Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada2018/05/29 Element AI Event at Riviera2018/05/24 Rick Hodder Day at the Ottawa Hospital2018/05/20 Portraits of Charlotte & Amelia & William2018/05/13 Dominick & Julie & Sofia Family Photos2018/05/12 Emilie & Steve's Wedding2018/05/04 4H Canada Citizenship Event2018/04/28 Julie & Justin's Wedding2018/04/25 Foodworks for Ottawa Magazine2018/04/18 Portraits of Georges Farah2018/04/15 Kim & Jo & Jérémie Family Photos2018/03/22 Recoil Performance Group2018/03/21 Stephani Smith for The Positive Side Magazine2018/03/21 Marc LePage's Portraits for Genome Canada2018/03/16 Shaw Centre2018/03/15 Prud'homme-Foster/Tourigny Family Portraits2018/03/12 Supreme Court Justice's Chambers2018/02/10 Nissi & Xing's Wedding2018/01/31 Top 100 Awards Event for Mediacorp Canada Inc.2018/01/03 Emily & Jacob's Engagement Shoot2018/01/03 Dorothy Anne Phillips' Portraits2017/12/29 Dana & Luke's Wedding2017/12/08 Supreme Court Chief Justice Mclachlin's Chambers2017/12/05 New Drinking Holes for Edible Ottawa2017/11/07 YOUth in Office2017/11/06 Flora Hall Brewing2017/10/22 Nissi & Xing's Engagement Shoot2017/10/22 Kid Food Nation2017/10/14 Bhuvana & Vikram's Engagement Ceremony2017/10/13 Leah & Scott's Wedding2017/10/10 Duigenan Family Photos2017/10/08 Josephine & Jimin's Wedding2017/10/07 Megan & Mandeep's Wedding2017/10/06 Portraits of Elaine & Michael2017/09/30 Lucy & Rémi's Wedding2017/09/30 France & Michel's Wedding2017/09/28 Paul Tremblay for Reebok2017/09/28 Edgar for Edible Ottawa2017/09/26 Portraits of Celine Dostaler2017/09/24 Portraits of Ariella Linovski2017/09/24 Little Kickers Mini Tournament2017/09/22 Angela & James' Elopement2017/09/17 Geneviève & Pearl's Wedding2017/09/16 Véronique & Andrew's Wedding2017/09/15 Portraits of Michael Li for UBC2017/09/13 Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck Portraits2017/09/12 Yvonne's Piece at ODD2017/09/10 Kim & Jason's Wedding2017/09/09 Nicole & Jason's Engagement Shoot2017/09/09 Brianne & Thomas' Reception2017/09/08 Kassoundra & Brian's Wedding2017/09/07 The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2017/09/06 RCGT Event2017/09/02 Kate & Micah's Wedding2017/08/31 Megan & Mandeep's Engagement Shoot2017/08/27 Leila & Jacob's Wedding2017/08/23 Canadian Pacific Women's Open Championship Pro-Am Team #112017/08/22 Vikram & Bhuvana Engagement Photos2017/08/19 Nicole & Chris' Wedding2017/08/13 White Family Photos2017/08/12 Janna & Ryan's Wedding2017/07/23 Amy, Andrew, Eve, & Alice Family Photos2017/07/21 Erin & Abdullah's Wedding2017/07/15 Ashley & Brett's Wedding2017/07/11 Global 4-H Network Summit for 4-H Canada2017/07/10 Global 4-H Network Summit for 4-H Canada Staff Portraits2017/07/08 Anik & JP's Wedding2017/07/02 Kate & Ezzeldin's Wedding2017/06/25 Ivana & Luca's Wedding2017/06/22 Tavern on the Hill for Ottawa Magazine2017/06/22 Ottawa Dance Directive2017/06/20 Gabriella Goliger's Headshots2017/06/13 CIFAR Event in Ottawa2017/06/10 Leila & Julian's Wedding2017/06/08 Rick Hodder Scholarship Award Event for The Ottawa Hospital2017/06/03 Maria & Graham's Wedding2017/05/31 Annual Conference for Brain Canada2017/05/28 Josephine and Jimin's Engagement Shoot2017/05/28 Genevieve & Pearl's Engagement Shoot2017/05/24 Véronique & Andrew's Engagement Shoot2017/05/20 Lara & Nicolas' Wedding2017/05/19 MJ & Marco's Wedding2017/05/18 Danielle & Neil's Elopement Photos2017/05/13 Stephanie & Val's Wedding2017/05/06 Jessica & Charles' Wedding2017/05/03 Stephanie & Val's Engagement Shoot2017/04/27 Spread Delivers for Ottawa Magazine2017/04/26 Napkyn Staff Portraits2017/04/25 Sula Wok for Ottawa Magazine2017/04/18 Portraits of Adam Maltais2017/04/15 90th Birthday Party2017/04/14 Portraits of Robin Shaban2017/04/09 Haskap Berry Recipes for Edible Ottawa2017/04/01 Promotional Stills for Avenue East Productions2017/02/17 Portraits of Mary Fernando2017/02/10 Court Coach Portraits2017/02/04 La Maison Conroy for Ottawa Magazine2017/01/09 Café My House for Edible Ottawa2016/12/18 Engfield Family Photos2016/12/17 Aja & Ara's Wedding2016/12/06 Salt Wave Spa for Travelzoo2016/11/26 Beer & Cheese Pairings for Edible Ottawa2016/11/19 Bernice & Patrick's Wedding2016/11/05 Portraits of Delia Lewis2016/11/02 Portraits of Shupang Ma2016/11/01 Website Content for A&W2016/11/01 BMS Group Staff Portraits2016/10/24 Dutton Family Photos2016/10/22 Jamie-Lynn & Eric's Wedding2016/10/15 Gloria & Michaël's Wedding2016/10/09 Fathiya & Ahmed's Wedding2016/10/08 Mireille & Guy's Wedding2016/10/04 Duigenan Family Photos2016/10/01 Jina & Sam's Wedding2016/09/28 Blue Dot Event for David Suzuki Foundation2016/09/24 Kaylee & Andrew's Wedding2016/09/23 Beau's Oktoberfest2016/09/17 Ainslie & Tom's Wedding2016/09/10 Corina & Freddy's Wedding2016/09/09 The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2016/09/07 Linda Ablack for The David Suzuki Foundation2016/09/07 Kunstadt Sports for Where Magazine2016/09/07 Beau's Brewery for BeerAdvocate Magazine2016/09/04 Manhattan West for Where Magazine2016/09/04 Mags & Fags for Where Magazine2016/09/04 Kaliyana for Where Magazine2016/09/04 95th Birthday Party2016/09/02 Davidson's Jewellery for Where Magazine2016/08/30 Thyme & Again for Edible Ottawa2016/08/30 ECCO Store Lauch for Brill Communications2016/08/21 Pride Parade for Xtra!2016/08/20 Lina & Elie's Wedding2016/08/19 Anne & Taayo's Wedding2016/08/14 Ana & Hanna's Wedding2016/08/11 Diner en Blanc2016/08/06 Miri & Steve's Wedding2016/08/04 Lina & Elie's Engagement Session2016/08/03 Benny's Bistro for Where Magazine2016/07/31 Robyn & Ben's Wedding2016/07/30 Andrea & Sean-Patrick's Wedding2016/07/29 Mathieu Samson-Savage for Bell Media2016/07/29 Allium for Where Magazine2016/07/29 Absinthe for Where Magazine2016/07/23 Eva & Joe's Wedding2016/07/22 Portraits of Irfan Rafi2016/07/22 Peter Dinsdale for Laurentian Alumni Magazine2016/07/21 Corn Dog Poutine for Festival Foods2016/07/16 Martin & Dean's Wedding2016/07/15 Robert & Lorraine Ben for Laurentian Alumni Magazine2016/07/14 Katrina Turnbull for Bell Media2016/07/14 Caroline Dumont for Bell Media2016/07/13 Anne Levesque for Laurentian Alumni Magazine2016/07/12 Jamie Collins & Kyle Paquette for Laurentian Alumni Magazine2016/07/09 Pauline & Brad's Wedding2016/06/30 Svetlana & Jay's Wedding2016/06/25 Samantha & Joel's Wedding2016/06/23 Fairouz Restaurant for Ottawa Magazine2016/06/20 Graduation Portraits of Li Sheng Huang2016/06/18 Caitlin and Yves-Etienne's Wedding2016/06/17 Sturgeon Fishing for Edible Ottawa2016/06/17 Sacred Walk for Productions Cazabon2016/06/13 85th Annual Conference for IE Canada2016/06/11 Sophia and Joe's Wedding2016/06/03 Ottawa Dance Directive2016/05/31 Youth in Office2016/05/29 Sarah & Kris' Wedding2016/05/28 Heather & Erica's Wedding2016/05/27 Amie & Andre & Isla2016/05/25 CANSEC Arms Show for Ottawa Magazine2016/05/24 Graduation Event for The Ottawa Hospital2016/05/22 Kevin & Keith's Wedding2016/05/21 Alanna & Damian's Wedding2016/05/19 Jamie-Lynn & Eric's Engagement Shoot2016/05/10 Ottawander for Bell Media (in B&W)2016/04/22 National Convention Images for A&W2016/03/29 Portraits of the Editor for Where Magazine2016/03/29 Portraits of the Editor for Ottawa Magazine2016/03/20 Kaylee & Andrew's Engagement Shoot2016/03/19 Beau's St. Patrick's Party2016/03/16 Totally Off Script for Bell Media2016/03/16 Le Cercle Métissé for Bell Media2016/03/14 Promotional Photoshoot for Beau's2016/03/12 Sara & Daniel's Wedding2016/03/11 Staff Portraits for Orchard View2016/03/09 Drive Pie Shooting2016/02/29 The Original Purple Cow2016/02/25 Instagram Content for A&W2016/02/19 Portraits of Skye Nwaelleh2016/02/18 Staff Portraits for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives2016/02/17 Yvette Yende-Ashiri for Bell Media2016/01/28 Instagram Content for A&W2016/01/26 The Pomeroy House for Ottawa Magazine2016/01/21 Portraits of Tony Welland2016/01/13 John Messina for Laurentian Alumni Magazine2015/12/31 Diana & Kent's Wedding2015/12/22 Portraits of Clare Hack2015/12/22 Matt Demers for Bell Media2015/12/10 Kanata Pharmasave for Pharmacy Business Magazine2015/12/06 Shannon & Ryan's Maternity Photos2015/11/29 100% Possible Climate Change March for Avaaz.org2015/11/23 The Smoque Shack for Ottawa Magazine2015/11/13 Portraits of Biljana Jovanovic2015/11/06 Portraits of Michael Smith2015/10/24 Marybeth & David's Engagement Shoot2015/10/23 Murchison-Chestnut Family Photos2015/10/20 Adrienne & Maxime's Maternity Photos2015/10/17 Natasha & Matt's Wedding2015/10/13 Instagram Content for A&W2015/10/10 Jennifer & Mehmet's Wedding2015/10/09 Banu Örmeci for Carleton University Magazine2015/10/04 Kait & Matt's Wedding2015/10/03 Beau's Oktoberfest2015/09/28 Eva & Joseph's Engagement Shoot2015/09/28 Cakes for Edible Ottawa2015/09/27 Maryester & Tony's Wedding2015/09/26 Laura & Matt's Wedding2015/09/20 Jennifer & Stephen's Wedding2015/09/19 Jeanette & John's Wedding2015/09/18 Holly & Matt's Wedding Portraits2015/09/16 Video Shoot Stills for A&W2015/09/12 Erika & Jason's Wedding2015/09/11 The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2015/09/08 Tina & Ben & Nico2015/09/08 Portraits of Stan Humphreys2015/09/06 Jessica & Andrew's Wedding2015/09/05 Sarah & David's Wedding2015/08/29 Agnieszka & Mike's Wedding2015/08/26 Portraits of Anne-Marie McElroy2015/08/23 Pride Parade for Xtra!2015/08/22 Sarah & William's Wedding2015/08/20 Kulka Maternity Photos2015/08/15 Instagram Content for A&W2015/08/15 Brynn & Matthew's Wedding2015/08/13 Morgante Menswear for Ottawa Magazine2015/08/13 Flowers & Vintage for Ottawa Magazine2015/08/13 Fabrications for Ottawa Magazine2015/08/09 Ashley & Brett's Engagement Shoot2015/08/08 Karen & Christopher's Wedding2015/08/06 Vincent Valentino for Bell Media2015/08/04 Sabine Daniel for Bell Media2015/08/04 Lou Alexandre for Bell Media2015/08/01 Jasmine & James' Wedding2015/07/31 Flynn & Jeffrey's Wedding2015/07/25 Laura & Peter's Wedding2015/07/24 Elizabeth & Denis' Wedding2015/07/22 Eva B & Coco the Chicken for Bell Media2015/07/17 Steph & Curtis' Wedding2015/07/15 Instagram Content for A&W2015/07/14 Ottawa Team Photos for Uber2015/07/11 Joliette & Michael's Wedding2015/07/05 The Modern Shop for WHERE Magazine2015/07/04 Katrina & Eric's Wedding2015/07/03 Brigitte & Robert's Wedding2015/07/02 Model Homes for Mattamy2015/07/02 Knifewear for WHERE Magazine2015/07/01 Jane & Martin's Wedding2015/06/22 Bank of Canada CFO – Carmen Vierula2015/06/20 Summer Solstice Aboriginal Festival2015/06/17 Wunderkammer for WHERE Magazine2015/06/17 The Record Centre for WHERE Magazine2015/06/17 Soca Pub for Ottawa Magazine2015/06/17 M0851 for WHERE Magazine2015/06/15 Instagram content for A&W Canada2015/06/09 Francis McDermott & Sophie for Edible Ottawa2015/06/08 Graduation Event at the Ottawa Hospital2015/06/02 Steve Beauchesne of Beau's for Edible Ottawa2015/06/01 Eva & Matt & Eloise2015/05/31 Erica & Heather's Engagement Shoot2015/05/30 Christine & Marc's Wedding2015/05/29 Countertop Pro Team Association Meeting2015/05/28 Steph & Curtis' Engagement Shoot2015/05/28 Nordstrom for WHERE Magazine2015/05/26 Ironwood Organics for Edible Ottawa2015/05/26 Dominion City Brewery for Edible Ottawa2015/05/17 Brigitte & Robert's Engagement Shoot2015/05/14 Robin Harnden Headshots2015/05/14 Joliette & Michael's Engagement Shoot2015/05/13 Canadian Tire Gas Bar for YCM Magazine2015/05/12 The Rockeries2015/05/09 Margaret & Chris' Wedding2015/05/06 Jessica & her Boyfriend2015/05/01 The Sir John A Tour2015/04/29 ODD Dance Piece #2 for Ontario Scene2015/04/29 ODD Dance Piece #1 for Ontario Scene2015/04/28 Stella Luna for Ottawa Magazine2015/04/28 Raon Kitchen for Ottawa Magazine2015/04/28 Gōngfu Bao for Ottawa Magazine2015/03/28 Staff Portraits for Gusto TV2015/03/28 "A is for Apple" for Gusto TV2015/03/16 Greek on Wheels2015/03/06 Amy & Andrew & Eve2015/02/26 Napkyn Staff Portraits2015/02/18 Red Door Provisions for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/18 Beckta for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/17 Soif for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/14 The Snowflake Ball for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/12 Macarons et Madeleines for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/12 Equator Coffee for Ottawa Magazine2015/02/06 Jer's Vision for Xtra2015/02/04 Nightshades at the Diefenbunker2015/01/24 Sonya Shorey Headshots2015/01/15 Students at Rideau Hall2014/12/31 Suzanne & Rob's Wedding2014/11/29 Louisa & David's Wedding2014/11/27 The Staff at Bruce House for Xtra2014/11/21/ The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada2014/11/21 Christmas Arrangements for Scrim's Florist2014/11/15 Pam & Shawn's Wedding2014/10/24 Julie & Chris' Wedding2014/10/13 Turner-Ducey Family Photoshoot2014/10/10 Arcangeletti-Ryan Family Photoshoot2014/10/02 Jane Davis Fall Portraits2014/09/27 Natasha Bakht: Dancer2014/09/20 Heather & Chris' Wedding2014/09/12 Cristina & Bill's Wedding2014/09/09 Respect Rx for Pharmacy Business Magazine2014/09/06 Eva & Matt's Wedding2014/08/30 Sarah & Jeff's Wedding2014/08/24 Pride Parade for Xtra!2014/08/23 Sharon & Remco's Wedding2014/08/19 Mattamy Homes Summerside2014/08/17 Reflections on White Lake2014/08/16 Hannah & Cory's Wedding2014/08/11 Frenette-Suubi Family Photoshoot2014/08/09 Nathalie & Brad's Wedding2014/08/03 Kate & Chris' Wedding2014/08/02 Jessica & Micah's Wedding2014/08/01 Jodie McNamara for Xtra2014/08/01 Jane Davis Portraits2014/07/29 Lindsay & Adam's Wedding2014/07/26 Jordan & Kiavash's Wedding2014/07/13 Parks Canada2014/07/10 Portraits of Adam Yasui2014/07/04 Watson's Pharmacy for Pharmacy Business Magazine2014/06/29 Laura & Scott's Wedding2014/06/28 Adrienne & Maxime's Wedding2014/06/14 Catherine & Shawn's Wedding2014/06/09 ODD: Andrew Turner's Piece2014/06/07 Geneviève & Steve's Wedding2014/06/06 Kerry & Chris' Wedding2014/06/01 Anne Wanda Tessier2014/05/31 Tina & Dave's Wedding2014/05/20 Swizzles for Xtra2014/05/20 Shanghai Restaurant for Xtra2014/05/19 The Lookout for Xtra2014/05/19 Centretown Pub for Xtra2014/05/17 Heather & Kunal's Wedding2014/05/13 The Birds of Point Pelee National Park2014/05/10 Suzanne & Rob's Engagement Shoot2014/05/08 The Handmade Bride for Xtra2014/05/08 Originis for Xtra2014/05/08 Ola Cocina for Xtra2014/05/08 Nature's Buzz for Xtra2014/05/08 Mille Fiore for Xtra2014/05/08 Jacobsons for Xtra2014/05/08 Fraser Cafe for Xtra2014/05/08 Details Home Apparel for Xtra2014/05/08 Clothes Encounters of a Second Time for Xtra2014/05/08 Books on Beechwood for Xtra2014/05/03 NDP Day of Action2014/04/27 Adrienne & Maxime's Engagement Shoot2014/04/15 Gab Franchi Portraits2014/04/12 Tayisa & Damian's Engagement Shoot2014/04/06 Farmer's Market Cover Shoot for Xtra2014/03/20 Shoppers Drug Mart for Pharmacy Business Magazine2014/03/11 Splash N Go for YCM Magazine2014/02/20 Lisa & Joseph's Wedding2014/02/20 Andrée & Josh's Wedding2014/02/06 Mathew, Kaya, and Bear2014/01/06 Valentine's Day Arrangements for Scrim's Florist2013/12/09 Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives2013/12/07 Hammersley Family Portraits2013/11/25 Wolf + Zed for Xtra2013/11/25 The Modern Shop for Xtra2013/11/25 Murray Street Restaurant for Xtra2013/11/25 Mellos Restaurant for Xtra2013/11/25 M0531 for Xtra2013/11/25 House of Barrons for Xtra2013/11/25 EQ3 Furniture for Xtra2013/11/25 Chez Lucien for Xtra2013/11/16 Elaine & François' Wedding2013/11/10 George & Scott for Xtra Living Magazine2013/11/10 Carolyn & Adele for Xtra Living Magazine2013/11/05 Youth in Office2013/11/02 Mylène & Philippe's Wedding2013/10/12 Munia & Nicolas' Wedding2013/10/06 Auntie Loo's Treats for Xtra2013/10/05 Catherine & Clint's Wedding2013/10/05 Amy & Andrew's Wedding2013/09/28 Jessica & Chris' Wedding2013/09/28 Elena & David's Wedding2013/09/21 - Karrie & Bob's Wedding2013/09/20 Empire Grill for Your Foodservice Manager Magazine2013/09/14 Saree & Richard's Wedding2013/09/14 - Nicole & Michael's Wedding2013/09/13 Bex & Rob's Wedding2013/09/07 Joanna & Terry's Wedding2013/09/07 - Amber & Charlie's Wedding2013/08/31 - Allison & Chris' Wedding2013/08/30 ZenKitchen for Your Foodservice Manager Magazine2013/08/29 Ian McNeil for  Pharmacy Business Magazine2013/08/25 Pride Parade for Xtra!2013/08/24 Vicky & Chris' Wedding2013/08/23 Blom Family Photos2013/08/03 Sarah & Brennan's Wedding2013/08/02 Molly & Brandon's Wedding2013/07/27 Andrea & Mehrzad's Wedding2013/07/26 Mary & Regis' Wedding2013/07/25 Munia & Nic's Engagement Shoot2013/07/10 Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck - Human Rights Monument2013/07/10 Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives2013/07/04 Angela & Andy's Wedding2013/06/29 Élise & Eric's Wedding2013/06/22 Maygan & Martin's Wedding2013/06/22 Heidi & Murdo's Wedding2013/06/21 - Anne Tessier Copy Work2013/06/16 Pam & Beth's Wedding2013/06/13 Canada Dance Festival: ODD/Pop Up Dances2013/06/12 NDP Caucus Photos2013/06/09 Thea & Matthew's Wedding2013/06/07 Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck Portraits2013/06/06 NDP Staff Photo2013/05/27 Quickie for Your Convenience Manager Magazine2013/05/25 Brittany & Pierce's Wedding2013/05/15 Westboro Piece for Xtra2013/05/11 Marni & Mihira's Wedding2013/05/04 Katie & Tait's Wedding Pictures2013/05/04 Katie & Tait's Wedding2013/05/02 Luke Headshots2013/04/28 Cooking with Herbs & Spices2013/04/23 Valerie & Thomas Maternity Photos2013/04/04 Taste of Life Ottawa for Xtra2013/03/31 Salewski Family Portraits2013/03/27 Luca's Revenge Party Polaroid Photo Booth2013/03/25 Harry Borlase Portraits2013/03/16 Chloé & Matt's Wedding2013/03/15 Desert Art Series2013/03/15 Death Valley Series2013/02/09 Beaule/Fazekas Family Portraits2013/02/05 - The Most Together We've Ever Been at ODD2013/02/02 Zero to Jesse for Xtra2013/01/26 ODD Fundraiser Dress Rehearsal2013/01/14 Raven, Cameron, Ballantyne & Yazbeck Portraits2013/01/06 - Anne Tessier Copy Work2013/01 Loughlin's Country Store for YFM Magazine2013/01 Judith Lemay Portraits2012/12/31 Mary & Jay's Wedding2012/12/22 Gomes Family2012/11/18 - Art Carnival Photo Booth2012/10/28 Turner Family Photos2012/10/27 Stephanie & Lysa's Wedding2012/10/23 Sara & Matt & Nolan2012/10/20 Christopher & Éric's Wedding2012/10/17 Sara & Matt Maternity Photos2012/10/02 - Galldin & Robertson Portraits2012/10 Wickedly Westboro at Carbon Computing2012/10 Ottawa Dance Directive, Noam's Piece2012/09/28 Rebecca & Jeff's Wedding2012/09/22 Xan & Colin's Wedding2012/09/17 Alison Kelsey Portraits2012/09/15 Sarah & Marc's Wedding2012/09/15 Ruth & Joey's Wedding2012/09/08 - Melissa & Gavin's Wedding2012/09/07 Sara & Marc Engagement Shoot2012/09/01 - Emily & Craig's Wedding2012/09 - Herb's for YCM Magazine2012/08/29 W.O. 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